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While we are a top notch manufacturing facility, we can also help your business grow by working with our chef.

Product Development

Commercialization of a product can be daunting.  We can help and guide you in ingredient sourcing, formulation and much more.


Choosing the correct ingredients are crutial to ensure your product remains consistent, stable and flavorful throughout its life cycle.

HACCP Planning
Menu Development

Need a refresh on your menu?

Does it cater to your current concept?

Does it follow or start flavor trends?


Let us help develop or redesign your menu to drive more traffic to your restaurant.

Nutritional Analysis

Developing a robust HACCP plan is a critical step in developing and producing safe food for the public. We can help develop, write, train, and evaluate new and exisiting HACCP Plans for your food business.

Our new software will provide the required nutritional panel for your new product.  It utilizes the most up-to-date USDA/FDA ingredient library and allergen sources to provide an accurate label.  It can create any type of format such as US Standard, US Tabular, US Side-By-Side and US Linear.  This is a must for all retail products.

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